How you can help

Sign the online petitition
We are petitioning for the release of the award-winning Canadian-Iranian filmmaker, playwright, editor, journalist and Newsweek reporter, Maziar Bahari.
Maziar was doing his job as a journalist and covering the presidential elections fairly and judiciously when he was arrested on June 21st 2009.
Maziar has been held as a prisoner in Iran since then. No charges have been brought against him and he remains isolated from the rest of the world with no access to a lawyer or to his family.
Maziar Bahari is a kind and caring man of integrity who is renowned for his consistently balanced work. We believe that a strong protest from the public will help release Maziar.

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If you are a Canadian Citizen
1. Send word to the Prime Minister of Canada
How about exercising your democratic rights by contacting the Prime Minister’s Office?
Let the PM know that his stated endeavour to have Maziar Bahari released matters to all of us.
The following formatting suggestions are intended to give this e-mail campaign more “traction”:
- e-mail Subject line: “Maziar Bahari”
- Support the PM’s efforts in seeking the release of a fellow Canadian, it appears that there is no need to “demand” as Ottawa is said to be actively seeking Maziar’s release

2. Send word to Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
CBC reports “Canadian officials said Harper will be pushing for a “comprehensive response” to Iran’s nuclear push.”.
As the PM is about to further antagonize the Iranian authorities, please let the Minister of Foreign Affairs know that Maziar’s fate matters to all Canadians and that his safe release must be secured as soon as possible.

3. Contact your local MP
Contact your Canadian MP and ask them to raise Maziar during Questions period.